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Beating sterile homogenizer (upgrade)

Main features

  • It adopts large-screen LCD display, which is easy to operate and can store 8 sets of working programs;
  • Intelligent control, homogenization speed and time can be controlled;
  • The glass transparent window is easy to observe, and the fully open door is easy to clean;
  • There is no contact between the sample and the homogenizer, and no system cleaning is required if there is no sample leakage;
  • Homogeneous and soft, no pollution, no damage to the sample, no heating, no sterilization treatment, no need to wash the utensils;
  • It has strong sound insulation ability.

Product application:

HX-4 beating type homogenizer, also known as aseptic homogenizer, can directly extract bacteria from solid samples. Simply add the original sample (the large one needs to be cut into about 10×10mm pieces) and the dilution solution into the sterile sample bag, then put the sample bag into the slapping homogenizer, and beat and hammer through the blades Generating pressure, causing oscillation, and accelerating mixing, so as to achieve a uniform distribution of microbial components in the solution, can complete the processing of the sample. Effectively separates homogeneous samples of microorganisms contained in and on the surface of solid samples, ensuring that all samples are mixed in sterile bags. The homogenized sample can be used as a representative original for subsequent analysis without the risk of sample change and cross-contamination. Use disposable sterile homogeneous filter bags for isolation operation to ensure hygiene and safety, no contact with the instrument, no sample leakage and no need for system cleaning. It is convenient and fast, accurate results, homogeneous soft, small sample pollution, no damage, No heating, no sterilization treatment, no need to wash the utensils, good repeatability requirements.

Product field:

Food microorganisms, analysis of animal tissues, biological samples, homogeneous treatment of cosmetics, homogeneous treatment of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits; pharmaceuticals, clinical, molecular, toxin and bacterial detection and other fields.

Technical Specifications

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