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DNA Extraction

NE96 with FDA and CE certified is a high throughput workstation for automated nucleic acid extraction, it can isolate and purify DNA&RNA, and viral nucleic acids such as SARS-CoV2 from a wide range of sample types using magnetic beads method reagent kit, effortlessly process up to 96 samples in less than one hour for utilization in microarray, sequencing and qPCR.

Specifications of Fully Auto Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument NE96

  • Principle: Auto magnetic bead extraction
  • Throughput: 1-96
  • Process volume: 20-1000ul
  • Operation interface: 10.4-inch touch screen
  • Number of magnetic rods: 96
  • Pollution control: UV sterilization
  • Extraction time: 10-30min
  • Sample: Type Whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc.


  • Fully Automated Extraction

    Walk away system

  • High Throughput

    48 specimens at one run
    48 Extractions in 15~25 minutes

  • Pre-filled Cartridge type of Reagent

    1, 8, 24 Samples per plate
    All Cartridge can be used simultaneously without changing hardware and software format

  • Safety

    UV Sterilization
    Door sensor

  • 7 inch Touch Screen UI

    Pre-programmed protocols and Customized individual protocols
  • Dimensions and Weight

    W × H × D : 385 × 400 × 390 mm
    25 kg

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