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BOD Incubator

FOC 200IL Connect Illuminated Cooled Incubator

Refrigerated thermostat of 200L that ensures excellent connectivity, homogeneous lighting conditions and constant temperature thanks to the transparent door contained and the innovative Auto-Tuning.

Thermoregulation and thermo stability at its best

  • Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system ensures optimum thermal homogeneity and stability (±0,5°C)
  • Eco-friendly cooling system
  • Internal transparent door for sample observation without temperature alterations
  • Selectable incubation temperature and working range from 3 to 50 °C
  • Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system
  • Uniform temperature thanks to VELP ventilation technology
  • Low operating costs

Recommended for:

  • Plant growth
  • Seed germination
  • Cultivation
  • Breeding of plants, insects and small animals
  • Bacteria culturing
  • Fermentation studies
  • Other experiments which require constant temperature and lighting

Reliable and Easy to control

  • Timer for customizable lighting cycles
  • Equipped with 2 lighted shelves (30.000 lux/shelf) each with six led bars mounted horizontally below the shelf
  • Total volume of 200 liters
  • Internal sockets to power devices
  • Intuitive digital interface, with three keys for easy setup of the instrument
  • Accepts up to 4  VELP Respirometer systems (4 BOD Sensor System 6, or 1 BOD Sensor System 10)
  • Constant monitoring according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
  • Adjustable recording time (in case of connection to VELP Ermes and TempSoft™)
  • The optional TempSoft™ incorporates high/low alarm thresholds
  • Quick and easy calibration

Monitor your instrument anytime, anywhere with VELP Ermes

Thanks to Velp Ermes you won’t need cables anymore. Find out the platform that allows you to reduce daily manual tasks and repetitive operations on your instruments with real-time control of your FOC Connect wherever you are.

Data Logging and Insights on the instrument are available to enhance productivity and reproducibility
Immediate notifications and alerts will allow you to be always informed about the status of your analysis and thanks to the remote interruption you will have total control of your processes ensuring maximum security.
Access your instrument data in total security through the VELP Ermes platform and benefit from software updates and immediate ad hoc assistance, without the need for specialized technicians.

Control your FOC Connect through TEMPSoft™ software

Through the optional TEMPSoft™  software and the related connection of the FOC Connect to the pc, you are able to:

  • control up to 10 FOC Connect.
  • set working ramps (different times and temperatures) and the desired setpoint, with the possibility of minimum and maximum temperature alarm thresholds
  • monitor of the internal temperature with a dedicated graph
  • data export in multiple formats
  • store test data in conformity with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

FOC  Connect comes with the MODBUS  communication protocol.

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