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Micro centrifuge

M1324 High-Speed Microcentrifuge (ventilated model)

M1324 Microcentrifuge (ventilated model), with speeds up to 15,800 rpm(23444×g), is ideal for life science research and production in industries such as biology, chemistry, and materials science, bioengineering, and biopharmaceuticals. Small footprint and low noise, touch screen interaction can be called by one click. All the functions are designed according to your needs.


M1324 microcentrifuge is a ventilated model, satisfying most of the common standard applications, Even at the highest speed, it can still work stably and quietly. Also, the compact-design microcentrifuge not only equips a standard 24-place quick-lock rotor (closed with only 1/6 turn) but also adapt PCR tubes and spin column, satisfying different customers’ needs.

The microcentrifuge enables your centrifugation simple by providing 10 acceleration and deceleration ramps . Featured with 48 user-defined programs provide quick and convenient setting and parameter use.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide a standard aerosol-tight quick-lock rotor (24x 1.5 or 2.0 mL tubes) and close with only a 1/6 turn. And optional rotors for 4 x PCR tubes and 18 x spin column
  • 10 acceleration and deceleration ramps meet the centrifugation needs of different samples
  • Qualified ultrasonic non-destructive test, Scheck balancing test and extreme blasting tested to protect personnel and operation safety
  • Dual noise control system with intelligent three-gear fan control, full load at maximum speed noise <50dB(A)

Application Industry

The degree of automation for compEAct is adaptable to individual requirements – from manual handling of just a few samples a week, up to fully automated, unattended operation around-the-clock in high-throughput laboratories. The range of accessories includes autosamplers from 18 to 120 positions with flexible sample volumes and dosing speed, also available is an autoinjector for automated injection without the use of an autosampler. Additionally, you can add one of the matrix-optimized gas sampling modules for simplified and safe LPG and gas analysis. Saving time and simplifying workflows, compEAct especially meets the requirements of the oil and gas industry facing tightening regulations and skills shortage. To ensure product quality and process optimization, the determination of sulfur and nitrogen impurities is important for control labs in refineries and in the production of alternative fuels. The compEAct detector covers a wide concentration range, from high contents in process streams to ultratraces in the pure end products without the need for dilution or enrichment steps. Suitable applications also include quality control for organic chemicals, solvents, and bio-chemicals. Depending on whether you need compEAct for the analysis of total nitrogen or total sulfur contents, the elemental analyzer is available in the application-optimized versions compEAct N and compEAct S. Furthermore, compEAct S MPO is the right choice for interference-free sulfur (TS) determination in fuel analysis and other refinery applications.

Technical Specifications

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