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AS1300 Biosafety Cabinet (A2)

Ensure the highest level of protection for operator, product and environment, it’s a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet.


7 inch touch screen interface

  • 7 inch touch screen interface, an interface can real-time display the time schedule of the fan operation, the state of the front window, filter, sterilization lamp life percentage, sterilized and the output of the fan control, lighting, socket and closed operation, check the operation logs and provide alarm function, without having to switch interface
  • High efficiency energy-saving design
  • advanced energy-saving design – design low energy consumption, saving 60% energy consumption (compared with the traditional design of ac motor); 60% reduction in heat emissions (compared to traditional AC motor designs); Unique energy saving mode (10% energy saving mode)
  • airflow regulation to ensure real-time inflows and low speed stability. The pressure sensor filter monitors airflow measurements through the work area. The protection can be compensated by adjusting the air flow according to the change of filter resistance

Humanized structure design

  • moderate height, wind speed velocimeter
  • oversized panel microcomputer control system, human nature sloping front window design
  • comfortable put hand frame, broad working area
  • whole chip working mesa, extraordinary security
  • front window cleaning location design, reduce the maintenance frequency

Unique check-in and power memory function

  • without shutdown, when the experiment process to be suspended before closing window will automatically enter the low speed running state, to maintain the cleanliness operation. Once the front window is opened, it will immediately enter the normal operation state to effectively improve the operation efficiency. In case of accidental power failure, you can return to the state before power failure after power recovery to fully protect the safety of personnel

Premium ULPA filter

  • using HV companies in the United States of high efficiency, low pressure drop, high strength and low boron content of the air filter, while reducing the pressure drop to extend the service life of the filter
  • send, exhaust air filters have “leakage resistance” unique technology, ensure clean air for ISO level 4 (10)

Reservation sterilization function

  • users can open a key appointment sterilization, set sterilization after the appointment, click on the switch, sterilization reservation prompt dialog box will pop up to enter the sterilization booking status, click ok after the system will enter a state of sterilization to make an appointment

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