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CHNS/ CHNS-O Analyser

EMA 502 Elemental Analyzer CHNS-O

Precise, versatile, cloud-enabled micro elemental analyzer for Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen determination with Helium and Argon as carrier gas.

The all-in-one CHNS/O solution to broaden your analytical potential

EMA 502 Elemental Analyzer CHNS-O is the accurate and reliable solution for the determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen in various industrial sectors such as pharma and life science, organic chemistry, petrochemistry and energy, environmental, agronomy, food & feed.

CHNS-O analysis with EMA 502 Elemental Analyzer helps determine the structure of an unknown compound, as well as evaluate the structure and purity of a synthesized compound.

Working in accordance with official reference methods, EMA 502 performs CHNS determination as well as Oxygen determination in just a few minutes, without requiring any add-ons or additional external modules.

EMA 502 is a safe analyzer that does not require aggressive chemicals or time-consuming analysis steps.

Just set your next analysis and access a wealth of information from the sample!

Versatility and productivity with exclusive operating comfort

EMA 502 is engineered to work 24/7, 365 days a year unattended with fast and easy routine maintenance.

Processing up to 117 samples at a time, EMA 502 is extremely efficient and ensures the highest sample throughput thanks to the electronic autosampler and microbalance connection to the PC for direct weighing data transfer.

EMA 502 analyzes solid, semi-solid and liquid samples of up to 20 mg carbon content and minimizes operating costs thanks to VELP genuine consumables, carefully manufactured for the longest lifespan.

With just one powerful instrument and a quick configuration change, you will be able to successfully face multiple analytical challenges in elemental analysis.

Easily set and perform your CHNS analysis and then switch to O mode thanks to the exclusive connection panel!

Consistent performance, proven accuracy and tested reliability

EMA 502 is a flexible and robust analyzer, designed for superior reliability and premium accuracy.

The TCD detection technology ensures extremely accurate and reproducible results, with an RSD value of 0.2% (Sulphanilic acid).

Results are automatically calculated by the EMASoftTM software receiving real-time data from EMA 502 Elemental Analyzer.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the analysis output before even checking on the results thanks to the gas chromatographic column and TCD, which enable a real-time view of the analytical process and pathway with premium performance for the whole instrument life span.

EMA 502 Elemental Analyzer working principle

The CHNS analysis starts with the combustion of the sample inside the VELP combustion furnace at a temperature higher than 1000°C to obtain elemental compounds.

VELP Vcopper™, a formulation of highly active copper powder, is placed in the lower part of the reactor to help the reduction of NOX into N2.

The flow then reaches the gas chromatographic column oven, which ensures homogenous and modular temperature leading to a complete separation of all the elements for the final detection by TCD.

When analyzing Oxygen, the sample undergoes pyrolysis inside the furnace and then passes through a chemical trap where all impurities are absorbed, before reaching the gas chromatographic column and the TCD for detection.

Unmatched ease-of-use and data security with EMASoft™ software

The EMASoft™ software is the powerful VELP solution that controls and operates the EMA 502 elemental analyzer.

EMASoft™ comes with a user-friendly interface that displays all the relevant information at a glance: results, database, and instrument working conditions.

It is possible to choose from a library of pre-installed methods and create customized ones. An easy calibration curve creation for all the elements allows for testing of any sample matrix with no memory effect.

  • Start the analysis with few clicks
  • Change the configuration in few steps with the animated gif tutorials
  • Benefit from the real-time graph displaying gases detected by the TCD
  • A dedicated maintenance menu sends alerts when the reactor is almost exhausted
  • The result table shows the average, SD, and RSD of the analysis with direct selection on the graph

The EMA 502 software can be upgraded with the optional 21 CFR Part 11 Package for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industry laboratories that require compliance with FDA regulation.

Ultimate support, maximized efficiency and improved workflow with VELP Ermes Cloud Platform

EMA 502 features the unique connection option to VELP Ermes Cloud Platform, the Smart Lab solution allowing you to reduce routine operations thanks to the real-time monitoring of your analyses wherever you are, at any time.

Just by using a PC, a Smartphone, or a Tablet you can manage multiple instruments, consumables, workflows, analysis data, and instrument working conditions.

Immediate event and alarm notifications inform you about analyses and the remote analysis interruption guarantees total control of your laboratory processes.

Grant access to instruments and data only to specific people in your organization and decide whether you like to share information directly with VELP or with authorized service centers to benefit from a reduced diagnostic time and enhanced service support resulting in the highest system uptime.

CHNS-O determination gets to a new level with VELP Ermes Cloud Platform.

TEMS™ Technology

Save Time, Energy, Money and Space

EMA 502 Elemental Analyzer CHNS-O works with the innovative TEMS™ benefits, for unmatched savings.

Time Saving: rapid heating reduces wasted time
Energy Saving: limited energy consumption thus cutting CO2 emissions
Money Saving: cost reduction for each analysis
Space Saving: the narrow footprint saves valuable laboratory bench space

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