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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Sr.No. Standard Terms & Conditions
Order to be Placed on INVENTIS TECHNOSYS PRIVATE LIMITED Plot. No. 7359, Aerocity H Block GMADA, S.A.S Nagar (Mohali) Punjab-140603 GSTIN-03AAECI4092F-1ZU
Validity 30 Days and extendable on request from Institute
Bid Currency INR
Enduser Certificate(EUC) Yes. Required
Delivery Terms Minimum 8 to 10 weeks from the date of confirmed Purchase order
Installation and demonstration Installation, Demonstration and Training will be provided free of cost at your site by our engineers
Installation, Demonstration and Training will be provided free of cost at your site by our engineers 36 Months from the date of installation or 39 months from Shipment whichever is earlier.
Deemed Acceptance Clause In the event Customer has not accepted the System within ninety (90) days after receipt of the System by the Customer, through no fault on the part of Inventis, the System shall be deemed to be accepted by the Customer as of the expiration of such ninety (90) days.
Payment Terms 90% Advance and 10 against commissioning (withing 30 days)
Delay in Payment Clause The delayed payment after commissioning date shall be paid with 18% compound interest subject to no provision for the wave off of this clause. Any delay at the Department/Institute/University due to administrative reasons shall be the responsibility of the buyer establishment only.
Custom Clearence Inclusive as a part of the offer.
Country of Origin & Port of Shipment Italy and Other europian Countries
Custom Duty Custom Duty is 0.00%
Transportation Inclusive as a part of the offer.
Taxes/GST 18%
Service Contract After completion of warranty service. We will be pleased to extend annual service contract to maintain your instruments as per the mentionedCharges. We have factory trained engineers to undertake the job.
Other Terms As per the tender if any, we have accepted the tender terms and conditions, duly signed and attached with our bid and not applicable if the sale is not through the tender.
GFR 2017 Rules & Conditions a. GFR Rules is applicable on the delay of the payment if any as per the agreed terms of the tender. If the payment is delayed beyond the GFR 2017 guidelines as stipulated
b. EMD Exemption
c. Bidders Turnover Criteria
d. Bidder Experience Criteria
The rules from serial no. a. to d. are not applicable to any private establishment.
EMD Refund Clause EMD must refunded withing 7 working days from the date of PBG submission. Any delay in EMD refund upon receipt of PBG shall be charges at 18% compound interest for the delayed period without any prejudice.
PBG Submission Clause PBG must be refunded within 7 working days from the date of expiry of the claim period as stipulated in the contract/purchase order/tender. Any delay shall be charged at 18% compound interest for the delayed period without any prejudice.
Commisioning clause You will be provided with site requirements documents or pre-installation requirements after the receipt of the purchase order. The site must be ready in all aspects (for the provisions which are in your scope), before the shipment of the goods/Delivery of the goods at the site of installation. The equipment is deemed commissioned within 3 weeks of its delivery at the site if the site is not ready and we are eligible for the full payment against the date of deemed acceptance/commissioning date.
Tender Cancellation Clause If the tender is cancelled due to any circumstance or administrative reasons, the new tender may not be floated unless the cancellation of the previous tender and intimating the bidders about the cancellation by letter/email as per the GRF Rule 7.5.11 Cancellation of Procurement Process/Rejection of All Bids/Re-tender (Rule 173 (xix) of GFR 2017)
Non Corruption Policy We abide the FCPA policy of Zero tolerance.
Reshifting of equipment Not Applicable
Force Majure Clause Yes Applicable as per the GFR rules and its subsequent amendments if any.
Land Border Clause Not Applicable.
Make in India Preference Clause Not Applicable.
The Penalty Clause The penalty if any at any stage of the commissioning arises due to delay of not providing the following shall not be subjected to the impose of penalty in supplier.
1. Not providing the documents in timely manner (i.e CDEC, GST certificate,
2. Non timely reply of email by supplier for any clarification desired/from buyer/consignee.
3. Non availability of power supply at the site
4. Non availability of power points, cables and wires, earthing/grounding, UPS wiring etc which is in the scope of buyer.
5. If the installation or supply is delayed due to holiday or if the concerned person / consignee/Incharge is on leave or not available to receive the consignment or not able to sign the commissioning report. The penalty clause is not applicable in all such instances.
Order Cancellation Clause The order once placed cannot be cancelled as per the policy of our company and non-negotiable in nature. However, in case of cancellation of any purchase order by the buyer subject to a mandatory deduction/payment/penalty for 10% of the order value except for the projects wherein we have agreed the cancelation clause of the buyer.

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