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Warranty and Return

Terms of Warranty

  • Different products have different warranty periods. And it shall refer to mainframe, warranty for accessories is half-one year, no warranty for consumables in general.
  • For customized products, prototype, sales demonstration machine and agent products, the company do not support the return and replacement.

Scope of Warranty

  • Rejection, replacement or repair shall be determining by Inventis if the product has quality problem within 30 days of Acceptance.
  • Inventis shall provide free maintenance for the product quality problems within the warranty period and scope of warranty. Maintenance and replacement parts are guaranteed for six months from the date of replacement.

Free service support shall not apply to the following situations:

  •  Exceeding the warranty period.
  • Adverse power conditions or environmental conditions such as erratic power, voltage spikes, RF or magnetic interference, HVAC failure or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Inventis.
  • Combining Inventis’s Product with any Product furnished by others, or with incompatible Products, where such combination causes failure of or degradation to performance of Inventis’s Product (including the substitution of any reagent not authorized by Inventis).
  • Tearing or alteration on serial number, factory label or other signs.
  • Improper or extraordinary use of the Product, improper maintenance of the Product, failure to maintain the Product or failure to comply with any applicable instructions or user manuals provided by Inventis.
  • If any servicing was performed or repair was attempted by personnel not authorized by Inventis.
  • Products that are not sold by Inventis’s authorized channel are not provided with free warranty in principle.
  • Product failure due to force majeure, such as labor strikes, floods and so on.

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