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Disclaimer 1:

The logo of the company and its name by any individual/company or organization is subjected to legal actions as per the provision of the law.

The copyright and the trade mark of the logo and the name of the company is a sole property of the company and its misuse by copying from our website by any unauthorized individual or company is considered as a breach and violation of the law and legal action for any such
unauthorized individual or company.

Disclaimer 2:

Our company hereby responsibly affirms that we have not violated any trademark or copyright of any of the principals we are working with.

The images and the logos of any or all the principals are solely for the marketing, sales, support and service purpose only.

Additionally, we might be working on a regional or Pan-India basis for the principles listed on the website.

The prospective buyers are advised to check the eligibility of our offerings in their respective regions well in advance for the products those which are not manufactured by us.

It is hereby deemed understood by the buyers if they place an order on us that they have fully read the terms and conditions and the disclaimer on our website.

No dispute shall be entertained after the placement of the contract by the buyer.

The above disclaimers are deemed to have been signed and authorized by the competent Director of the Company.

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Inventis Technosys Pvt. Ltd.

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