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Total Nitrogen

NDA 702 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

Versatile and cloud-enabled elemental analyzer for Nitrogen and Protein determination according to the Dumas combustion method. Dual carrier gas: Helium and Argon.

The Perfect solution to maximize your productivity

NDA 702 Dumas elemental analyzer is the best solution for high throughput labs looking for a fast and safe analyzer with the possibility to choose between Helium and Argon as carrier gas. 

The NDA 702 is powered by the DUMASoftTM software and produces N/Protein results in just 3 to 4 minutes totally unsupervised and cloud-enabled. 
NDA 702 is dramatically faster, easier, and safer than a traditional Kjeldahl system. 

The NDA 702 is a safe analyzer that does not require aggressive chemicals or time-consuming analysis steps, just prepare your sample and walk away! 

Versatile analyzer for solid and liquid samples

With the NDA 702 you can load different matrix of solid, semi-solid and liquid samples at the same time.

VELP NDA 702 elemental analyzer is designed to work 24/7, 365 days a year with fast and easy routine maintenance.

The autosampler is supplied with a disc of 30 positions and can be expanded to accommodate up to 117 samples.

The lowest LOD in the market of  0.001 mgN with Helium and the RSD lower than 0.5% (EDTA) assure you high precision results and excellent reproducibility.  

Efficiency for your lab

NDA 702 analyzes samples of up to 1 g and reduces operating costs thanks to VELP engineering and genuine consumables with extended lifetime. Furthermore, NDA 702 allows cost reduction related to Helium availability thanks to the seamless choice of Argon.

  • The NDA 702 LoGasTM TCD works with no reference gas ensuring accuracy and precision;
  • Very low oxygen consumption thanks to optimized combustion;
  • The maintenance-free DriStepTM water trap is a physical trap that removes 99% of water, reducing the cost of chemicals;
  • NDA 702 is easy to install and is extremely compact saving valuable bench space in your lab

VELP TEMS technology drastically reduces wastes compared to wet chemistry N/protein determination methods.

NDA 702 Nitrogen Analyzer Working Principle

The Dumas method starts with the combustion of the sample which takes place inside the VELP combustion furnace (CF) at a temperature higher than 1000°C to obtain elemental compounds. 

Water separation is performed in 2 steps in the NDA 702. The first is the maintenance-free physical trap DriStep™ (WT1) strategically placed after combustion and the second is a chemical trap (WT2) that ensures the complete elimination of residual 1% of water.

Between the two traps, the flow of gases passes through the reduction furnace (RF) where NOX  compounds are transformed into molecular nitrogen N2.

Afterward, the CO2 is trapped by the unique self-regenerating VELP CO2 adsorbers

At this point, elemental nitrogen is detected by the innovative thermal conductivity detector TCD LoGas™ which will send the data to DumaSoftTM to calculate the amount of Nitrogen and Protein. 

DUMASoft™ Intuitive Operations

We have designed the NDA 702 to ensure maximum ease of use with DUMASoftTM‘s intuitive User Interface. Control the status of the instrument for the main window, at a glance.

Setting up an analysis is extremely simple. The database and real-time graph are easily accessible and with the connection to a balance the preparing a test is even faster.

The DUMASoftTM contains an extensive library of preinstalled methods, multilingual support and reporting functions with export to .csv, LIMS e.xls format.

Create and manage calibration curves, assign a name and always be ready to use the most suitable one.

Run the complete Leak Test and choose whether to run it on the whole circuit or targeted by zone, after replacing a consumable for example.

Adding value to automation via the cloud

NDA 702 thanks to its connectivity to VELP Ermes allows you to reduce routine operations thanks to the real-time monitoring of your elemental analyzer wherever you are, at any time. 

NDA 702 is designed for continuous work with fully automated processes, VELP Ermes allows you to manage multiple instruments, consumables, workflows and to drastically reduce diagnostic time to ensure a superior level of service with maximum data security and protection of your data.

Immediate notifications and alerts will allow you to be always informed about the status of your analysis and thanks to the remote interruption you will have total control of your processes ensuring maximum security.

Access the database of your instrument in total security through the VELP Ermes platform and work with your colleagues creating and sharing reports from PC, smartphone and tablet.  

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