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Technical Support

Inventis Support Team

If you are looking to repair a purchased Inventis equipment or customize one for your research needs, the Inventis Support Team is here for you! Headquartered in Mohali, Inventis is certified by ISO9000. With highly-trained engineers and technicians, 90% of the issues can be resolved remotely. The Inventis Support Team is able to:
  • Discuss a possible product modification, meeting your specific research needs
  • Instruct you to troubleshoot a malfunctioning equipment, saving your time
  • Offer information on product warranty & return, providing the best possible after-sales service
  • Offer in-depth repair to your equipment at affordable prices, saving your costs

Ask Our Experts

  • If you have bought our products and have technical questions to ask, please find us with the following, our engineers will get back to you within 12 hours!

Email: product.inventis@gmail.com

Phone No: +91 6283288904

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