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Nano Spectrophotometer


NanoQ is wide wavelength microvolume spectrophotometer with modern design and user convenience UI. It supplies extremely fast and easy quantitative analysis of nucleic acid and protein by UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometry. It provides microvolume sample measuring mode and cuvette measuring mode so can measure wide range of concentration. You can easily set over 20 measuring modes


There is no need for a user manual since it provides a simple and intuitive user environment. The designated factor is set as the default value for each mode, and the input mode is provided to allow the users to set a factor value which is different from the default. Users can specify the factor ppropriate for the user preference, the lab environment, and the type of protein.

Main Charateristics

  • It is a small spectrophotometer featuring compact size and main unit control.
  • A user can conduct the measurement precisely because it can be automatically set the pathlength according to the concentration.
  • Can Add User Menu combined by user’s most accessed measure mode.
  • There is no need for measurement standby since it does not require a lamp warming-up.
  • It can measure protein and conduct cell counting. *Cuvettes are only available in OPTIZEN NanoQ Plus.
  • The measurement result can be saved or downloaded to a USB flash drive.
  • A user can easily operate the system using the intuitive LCD screen and touch functions.
  • It helps even novice users to drop the sample easily and accurately on the loading spot.

Product Qualification

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