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Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave (With Plug)

Automatic cycle sterilization program. Electronic safety interlocking device. Fully stainless-steel structure. Arbitrary setting of temperature 50°C-134°C. Overpressure self-discharge 0.22mpa. With 3 stainless steel sterilizing baskets. Stop after the buzzer reminder automatically.


Lorderan Automatic Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave utilizes computer-controlled cycle sterilization programs for maximum accuracy and safety. With an adjustable temperature range of 50C-134℃ and an electronic interlocking device for added security, this autoclave offers efficient and reliable sterilization services. Designed with a hand wheel door structure for convenience, it is the perfect addition for any healthcare facility.


  • Hand wheel door structure.
  • Mechanical safety interlocking device.
  • Electronic safety interlocking device.
  • Automatic cycle sterilization program.
  • Digital window LCD display working status.
  • Arbitrary setting of temperature 50°C-134°C.
  • Time set arbitrarily 0-9999 minutes.
  • Overpressure self-discharge 0.22mpa.
  • The machine will stop automatically after the buzzer reminder.
  • Cycle time counter.
  • All stainless-steel material.

Technical Specifications

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