About Us

inVentis Technosys is a Biotech Research Based Company

inVentis serves all types of consumables,instruments including life science and pharma. We have clients like state and central universities, institutes, research labs, pharma companies and many more. inVetis has well qualified team in sales,support,application & service. The idealogy behind inception of inVentisis to provide state of the art solutions to the scientific community.The core strength behind inVentis team is comprehensive product range and doctrate application scientist along with dedicated and commited expert sales representatives and management .Our doctrate application chemists bears the responsibility of cutting edge applicaiton support and technical sales in life science and applied science research,diagonistics and QC. Our team's core competency is rich experience in understanding the life science and chemicals sector customers and their expectations



inVentis Technologies is a subsidry of inVentis Technosys Pvt. Ltd.

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