Next Gen Sequencing



Target Enrichment



The Ovation® library systems for DNA-Seq offer streamlined DNA library preparation for a broad range of samples and applications.  The systems include optimized reagents with a proprietary dimer-free technology enabling a quantitation-free and...


The Ovation® RNA-Seq products consist of modular solutions enabling a broad range of RNA-Seq applications from any organism. The products feature NuGEN’s proprietary targeted transcript depletion technology (...

Target Enrichment

NuGEN’s target enrichment technology for targeted sequencing of both DNA and RNA, enables multiple applications including highly sensitive detection of germline and somatic aberrations for molecular diagnostics, and efficient targeted genotyping...


The Ovation® Ultralow Methyl-Seq library system provides a comprehensive approach to DNA methylation detection across the entire genome from very small samples using a methyl sequencing or Methyl-Seq approach. The Ovation® RRBS (reduced-...

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