Gas Distribution

About Gas Distribution

Gas utilities and piping is very crucial in terms of both performance and the safety for your lab installation. Inventis provides complete Gas distribution installation solution, including the installation of a variety of utility lines like Water, drain, compressed air, LPG and specialty gas lines like N2, H2, Ar, N2O, Acetylene, He at 99.999% purity within our scope in any turn-key project along with Modular Lab furniture, HVAC and civil and construction works if any.

Our team not only having extensive project management knowledge but also possess in-depth first hand technical knowledge about the types of lab instrument to be used, types of gases and the purity levels needed for the gases in various laboratories. Over the years, we have built up relationships with worlds best gas distribution hardware OEM at affordable pricing. When you install the gas distribution through InventisTechnosys, then you will pass on all your worries if any on to us.

Gas Distribution Systems

  • Gas & Process piping
  • Gas cabinets/ Gas banks
  • Gas detection systems
  • Gas purification & control panels
  • Change over manifold systems
  • Orbital welding services
  • Pressure regulators

Gas Distribution for following Gases

  • N2 - Nitrogen lines in SS 316 with control and regulation of supply
  • H2 - Hydrogen
  • Ar - Argon
  • Zero Air
  • He - Helium
  • C2H2 - Acetylene
  • N2O - Nitrous Oxide
  • LPG
  • Compressed Air with compressor system
  • Vacuum system requirements
  • Gas Cylinder Storage and Housing

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