Digital Droplet PCR

Digital PCR is a breakthrough technology that provides ultrasensitive and absolute nucleic acid quantification. It is particularly useful for low abundance targets, targets in complex backgrounds, allelic variants (SNPs), and for monitoring subtle changes in target levels that cannot be detected with real-time PCR.

PCR Systems and Consumables

Droplet Digital Systems Digital PCR Reagents and Assays Digital PCR Accessories
QX200™ AutoDG™ Droplet Digital™
PCR System
ddPCR Supermixes ddPCR Oils
For high-throughput analysis For sensitive DNA target detection For creating sample-in-oil droplets
QX200™ Droplet Digital™
PCR (ddPCR™) System
PrimePCR™ ddPCR™ Assays ddPCR Consumables
For analyzing up to 96 samples Experimentally validated primer
For use with the droplet generator
ddSEQ™ Single-Cell Isolator Digital PCR Library
Quantification Kits
Plate Sealer
For single-cell gene expression
For quantifying sequencing
For secure plate

Droplet Digital PCR Technology

Droplet Digital PCR Technology Based on water-emulsion droplet technology, Droplet Digital PCR fractionates a DNA sample in 20,000 droplets. PCR amplification of the template subsequently occurs in each individual droplet, and counting the positive droplets gives precise, absolute target quantification.

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DNA sample with target sequence is partitioned into droplets
Target and background DNA are randomly distributed among 20,000 droplets
Target sequence is amplified by end-point PCR in each droplet
Positive droplets are counted to give precise quantification of target sequences in sample

Benefits of Droplet Digital PCR

Absolute quantification-provides an absolute count of target DNA copies per input sample without the need for standard curves

Highest precision and sensitivity- enriched template concentration in target-positive droplets allows higher precision and sensitivity than real-time PCR

High throughput-simple and easy-to-use workflow with 96-sample throughput does not require multiple dilution steps

Removal of PCR efficiency bias- error rates are reduced by removing the reliance on amplification efficiency of qPCR

Applications of Digital droplet PCR

Copy number variation (CNV)

Accurate CNV quantification in single wells

Next generation sequencing

Amplification and accurate quantification of NGS libraries with validation of sequencing results

Detection of rare sequences in cancer and disease

Detection of mutations and viral load below levels detectable by current test

Gene expression analysis

Detection of rare mRNAs and miRNAs with rapid turnover

Pathogen detection and microbiome analysis

Viral load and pathogen detection in organ transplants, soil, and food

Single cell analysis

High sensitivity make it a robust tool for single-cell analyses

Download the Droplet Digital PCR Applications Guidefor in-depth information about setting up experiments.

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