DNA Fragment Analyzer

Qsep100 DNA Analyzer

The Qsep100 system is on the basis of capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) technology providing post PCR separation and detection of DNA fragments. The system is comprised of the Detection Engine (LED-Induced Fluorescence), Analysis Engine, the Sample Loader and the Disposable Pen-Shaped Gel-Cartridge. The pen-shaped gel-electrophoresis cartridge can perform 200 tests at 1-7 minutes per sample run. Novel reagent packaging and intuitive software provides ease of operation, automated tracking of consumables and overall management of the genotyping system.The Q-Analyzer software allows for easy interface and analysis.

New Feature:

The Qsep100 system can not only do the DNA/RNA tests, but also do the protein analysis now. Just using the protein labeling kit to prepare your sample and you will be able to enjoy the new feature

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