Inventis Technosys sets-up your Cleanroom laboratory on a turn-key basis with state of the art and high performance Cleanroom instruments and high quality infrastructure at an affordable cost. Our clean room practices follow USP797 and other International standards for supply and commisioning.


Our cleanroom products including Modular cleanroom, Soft-wall Cleanroom, Hard-wall Cleanroom are perfected by our OEMs with the experience of developing many cleanroom implementations in the past decade. We used our experience to create a product range that withstands extreme mechanical stress, yet is pleasing to the eye. Inventis offered systems fulfill all cleanroom requirements and they are user friendly, as they are easy to install and maintain.

Our Experience in Clean room

We are your single point consultancy, design and implementation company for setting up cleanroom laboratories from concept to commissioning. We have hired some of the best talent for cleanroom consultants, designers and our team has rich technical experience on cleanroom equipments and infrastructure.
We are an Indian technology startup recognized company by Department of Industry Policy and Promotion (DIPP) for consultancy, design and implementation of Cleanroom and Biosaftey laboratories.

Clean Room Wall Panel System

Inventis Technosys offers different cleanroom wall systems that can be adapted to a variety of cleanroom modular systems. The product has excellent performance, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, and easy module installation.
Solutions for different environments: we have a quick detachable solution, a panel resistant agent (VHP) solution, a cold-proof bridge - a frame anti-condensation solution, a fast automatic typesetting solution, a cleanroom color quick change scheme and clean room doors and windows A number of technical patents, etc.

The cleanroom wall system has various core materials. According to different environments, fireproof, heat preservation, noise reduction, moisture proof, etc., different core materials are selected to adapt to different clean room requirements.

Inventis wall panels can be used to reinforce the hole reinforcement and the line pipe box is assembled in the factory in the factory to effectively reduce the secondary pollution during use.

Types of Wall panels

  • Scratch & VHP Cleanroom Panel
  • HPL Cleanroom Wall Panels System
  • Endure Cleanroom Panel
  • Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels System
  • Prefabricated Opening Cleanroom Wall Panel
  • Air Return Cleanroom Walls
  • Removable Wall Panel Systems
  • Non-cold Bridge Partition Wall System

Clean Room Flooring

According to the agreed requirements during the consultancy, our experts’ team prepares a proposal. It contains conceptual layout drawings with integrated laboratory furniture, a utilities distribution concept, a safety concept, extraction and chemical waste, gas chromatography, the physical lab, the fabrication lab and further gadgets. This placement of each area of the laboratory is going to support an optimized workflow.

Cleanroom Ceiling

Inventis cleanroom ceiling system is mainly composed of modular cleanroom panel and ceiling system. It has strong tightness and can be walked. The ceiling system can be perfectly connected with the modular cleanroom panel system products. The ceiling system connection gap is the same as the gap width to ensure The appearance of a clean room. Inventis cleanroom panel sheet is very resistant to bending and has very strong characteristics.

Cleanroom Doors

Inventis Cleamroom door are the perfect addition to any cleanroom, as it is system independent and easy to mount. It is high-quality and yet is pleasing to the eye. We recommend the PCH-1 model specifically to be used in laboratory and cleanroom environments.

Types of Cleanroom Doors

  • Steel Cleanroom Doors
  • ALuminium Profile Clearnroom Doors
  • Hospital Cleanroom Door
  • Smart Cleanroom Doors
  • Frameless Cleanroom Door
  • Saftey Cleanroom Doors

Clean Room Windows

The cleanroom observation window is available in a variety of forms, including single and double glazing, with right angles and rounded corners. Inventis cleanroom observation window integrated structure design, perfect combination with clean wall panel, not only good sealing performance, easy installation, and beautiful appearance, it becomes the highlight of cleanroom space.The Inventis cleanroom window is subjected to condensation at a low temperature of -60 ° C without fogging.

Types of Clean Room Windows

  • Double Cleanroom Windows
  • Fireproof Glass Cleanroom Windows
  • Dimming Glass Cleanroom Windows

Cleanroom Passbox

A cleanroom pass box is a great tool to avoid contamination between cleanroom and non-cleanroom environments while transporting items in and out of the room. These boxes can be useful in laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical or light-industrial environments. Our products comply with ISO14644 standards.


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